Our Therapy ServicesAs a therapist.
I offer short-term and open-ended Existential psychotherapy face-to-face but predominantly online with global clients.


Existential psychotherapy explores your lived experiences and how your worldviews, being with yourself and others may have been informed by your lived experiences. This exploration includes but not limited to the contexts and encounters that informed your understanding of and relationship with your body, sense of self, relationships with others, and the world around you.

My practice embraces all individuals, couples, groups, family systems, co-parenting, parent-child relationships, and young adults but NOT children under the age of 13 years old.

I work with clients to explore their dilemmas, interpersonal adversities ad trauma, and their presenting life challenges and with consideration with their past, present and future in the here-and-now. Sometimes this can involve confronting and making sense of the fundamentals of our human existence.

Through therapy, we aim to find greater insight, build the internal resources that clients need to make the changes they so desire for a self-fulfilled purposeful and personal value reflecting lives, to build new forms of relationships with others.

My clients are from across all gender identities and sexuality, neuro divergent and LGBTQ+ communities, from Black and Asian communities and across all works of life. I also have a background in working with people who have societal, institutional, and interpersonal experiences of trauma, discrimination and prejudice based on their gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality. I am a trained culture informed practitioner and understands the psychological impact of being a member of a minority group, acculturation, migration, marital and family relationship issues.

I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP), a member of UPCA, Society of Existential Analysis (SEA), The Black African Asian Therapy Network (BAATN), and British Psychological Society BPS (GMBPSS). I use the UKCP and BACP Ethical Frameworks to guide my practice, attend regular supervision, and use additional CPD training to continue to develop and deepen my work.

Whilst I am an Existential Psychotherapist, I am also humanistic-existential practitioner, Integrative and draw from contemporary systemic, DBT, Schema therapy, ACT, CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative forms of practice. I incorporate Spiritual/ Christian Therapy for Christian clients who opt for the service.

I am a Speaker, Mentor, DCPSYCH 4th year student at NSPC/Middlesex University and a Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate, and Advocate for family system related mental health issues. I deliver seminars and conferences on issues around marital and family relationship stability. Please check out my calendar for any upcoming events and contact me if you would like to have in as a speaker in your events.

The Way I Practice:
Free Initial Consultation

Take advantage of a free 15-minute chat by phone or video call to make sure we are a good fit for you.

Therapy Sessions Prices£80 for Individuals - 50 minutes

£150 for couples - 50 minutes

For Concessions , Trainees and Students Note that these spaces go quickly and you may be enlisted on our waiting list.

£45 for Group of 7 Individuals face-to-face - 90 minutes session.

£35 for Group of 7 Individuals (group work) online - 90 minutes session.

£100 for couples group face-to-face for 5 couples - 120 minutes

£75 for online couples group work 120 minutes.

Please contact us via email or complete the booking process on the booking page. Please Identify your booking preference, therapy, or coaching service.

The Way I Practice.Preparing for Your Coaching, Consultation or Therapy Session

Where you choose to engage in therapy can significantly impact the quality of your session. Ensure that you're in a secure and private environment, free from disturbances and the risk of being overheard or distracted is of utmost importance. Your sessions are entirely confidential, and I will also be in a private setting to ensure your privacy.
It's also a thoughtful practice to have a glass of water or ay drink of your choice but not alcohol to suit your thirst and tissues, as emotional exploration can sometimes lead to intense feelings.

The Way I Practice.Therapy with ASTRID Coaching and therapy: Your Path to Better Mental Health

At Astrid Coaching and Therapy, we are passionate about our role as you navigate your way out of your distress. We pride ourselves and services in offering the highest standard support to confidently help you achieve your therapeutic aim and objectives. We build authentic and warm personal connections through which the required trust is developed to build the confident and strength to confront life challenges.

How Can
We Make a Difference in Your Life?

We know that every person responds uniquely to their circumstances, bringing their own worldview to the table we provide a collaborative work value with clients to respect to your individuality and how your therapeutic needs are formed, we do not work with clients as diagnostic labels.

Which reflects our understanding that psychotherapeutic engagements are grounded in the therapeutic relationship. Through therapy, we will assist you into explore and make sense of your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, to help you discover new perspectives that can unlock new possibilities.

Our conversations are held in strict confidentiality, creating a safe space to understand your world, yourself, and your relationships. Together, we'll work to understand your needs and celebrate your achievements.

Successfull stories
and client testimonials

I had heard great things of Celeste's coaching and work

I was paired with Bene, and have found our time together to be really enriching, thought-provoking, and challenging (in a good way). I connected with her therapeutic approach, and together we were able to discuss some philosophical approaches to the bigger questions of existence and living that I found really intellectually stimulating, and that helped me come to terms with why I had thus far been feeling so at odds with a lot of aspects of my life.


I send my huge gratitude to Bene!

She was also very kind and gentle, and created a space where I felt welcomed and that I could speak about anything with her. I am leaving therapy feeling a lot more resilient, less anxious, and with a far better understanding of myself and how to approach my life in ways that align better with my values as a person. I send my huge gratitude to Bene!

Business Owner

Astrid Coaching is THE BEST

I started working with Bene in approx. May last year. I came to the Astrid Coaching Centre hoping to engage with a therapist on a more long-term basis, as previously I had only done short courses of CBT therapy to help with anxiety/depression and panic attacks, and whilst they were helpful in providing me with some tools, I felt they didn’t address the root issues. I was hoping to spend time digging into deeper-held beliefs and behavioral patterns.


Wow! Love it!

Benny was an amazing therapist. She was kind, caring and warm. She was entirely non judgmental and I felt I could be my full self around her. Her calm energy definitely rubbed off on me during the sessions and I always came away feeling better than when I went in. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me on my journey.


Thank you! I will miss you! L


She is the real deal for improved well being.

Benny has been tremendously supportive in my therapeutic journey, her warmth, understanding clarity, and authentic presence has been very helpful in rediscovering myself, my personal values and passion. I have truly grown from who I was to who i desire to be and a lot fulfilled happy and less psychological challenges. I owe my thanks and gratitude to Benny and would recommend her to anyone who is willing and genuinely ready to do the work. She is the real deal for improved well being.

Warm regards,

Thank you for a fabulous 10-week transformation!

Seeking culturally informed counselling psychology and psychotherapist led me to work with Benny, she came highly recommended and I am grateful that I held on. Amidst my cultural stipulations and expectations, I can now live my beliefs, clues and be authentic with myself and others in my being. I am a lot more present in my choices and understand that my freedom is my opportunity to express my truth and be take responsibilities that reflect me and my values. I now have a voice and relate better with my family and social network. My work-life balance has improved and I am grateful to Benny for her expertise in my area of need. My life has truly changed and I am a lot happier with my life. V

Warm thanks,

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2023 Copyright by Astrid Coaching. All rights reserved. Designed By ChriztavoInc