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Co-parents Relationship Coaching is focused on how to develop a new relationship that is focused on supporting and parenting their children so that the children are not penalized or marginalised as a result of divorce or separation. I am a strong believer of  ‘every child deserves positive parenting from their parents’. Often, divorce means the end of dedicated positive parent for reasons ranging from punishing the other parent, using the children as a stooge to distract or punish the new partner to the other parent with residence responsibility. Sometimes the children lose their parents to their new partner and becomes vulnerable to abuse, substance abuse and other risks.

In my Co-parenting coaching, divorced couples are supported with guides, plans and new ways to parent their children positively after divorce and when they move on with their new relationships. They learn that divorcing their partner does not mean divorcing their children and that their decision not only affects the children but themselves, their generation, and the society at large. This program cuts across cultures and is globally acknowledged.



This is a unique relationship coaching dedicated to parents struggling to acknowledge their adult children as individuals with their own minds and rights. Parents that control the lives of their young adults and deny them developmental opportunities that traps the minds of these adult children in adult body that subsequently predisposes them to wrong choices of intimate partners who take advantage of them. Here the parents are supported with first acknowledging the reality that they no longer have children and co adults who deserve respect, space, love, support, advice not instructions and discussion instead of command to be able to navigate their own realities in life as they start off their adult journey and find a fulfilling and loving supportive relationship.

The issues of culture and acculturation as they impact parents’ child relationships are also explored. This is targeted toward families that struggle to parent their children according to their culture but continue to hit bottle neck because of the presenting culture in their country of residence. This is a huge challenge in both couples and parents-child relationships. In this package, you will be provided with tools, guides, and support on how to make plans suitable for your needs and that of your adult children or children.



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2023 Copyright by Astrid Coaching. All rights reserved. Designed By ChriztavoInc

2023 Copyright by Astrid Coaching. All rights reserved. Designed By ChriztavoInc