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The Singles Coaching program packages include tailored deliverables to suit the needs of the identified group age.


The age at which the urge for love and quest to find a loving relationship has overtime reduced so much so that relationship and sex education are thought in primary schools, menstruation and ovulation education have been approved to be thought in schools, Technology whilst amazing have exposed children to diverse sources of information about love, relationship, sex, and sites to try out their urges without exactly informing them correctly or providing them with information on the downsides of these lifestyles. Children and youths are misinformed, and families and society suffer the consequences. Therefore, I developed programs tailored to intercept these wrong or half-hazard information so that young persons, young adults and adults are exposed to new knowledge that would provide them with the skills and information to make informed choices and develop relationship skills that will work for them long term. That way, both the individuals, families, and society are much safer, happier, and well-established.

The program packages include tailored deliverables to suit the needs of the identified group age.


This stage in finding your life partner is the main focus and you will be guided on how this can be achieved through our step-by-step guide and plans by:

Examining the supportiveness of your families, communities and social networks

Where needed, we will expand these networks to maximise your chances of meeting your intimate partner

Explore and develop groups and ways of meeting your ideal partner

Set goals to that would help your improve your relationship skills

Setting processes of identifying your ideal partner and how to gracefully exit where your relationship criteria are unmet.

Develop the confidence to be the chooser and not the chosen in your relationship.

In a nutshell, the Singles Coaching Programs is developed to meet the requirement to find, maintain and keep the love of your life and have a long-term relationship to live the life that you SOOO desire.

Self-Discovery and Readiness:

Here you learn about emotional, and behavioural needs, your requirements and wants in a relationship. You will engage in exercises designed to take you through discovering things about yourself that impact your relationships and work on them individually such that it becomes part of your being. You will learn some of your learnt behaviour, how your parents’ relationship have psychologically been filtered into your mind that you mirror them unconsciously. You will learn to work on these, learn and develop your inherent relationship propensities.

The singles coaching covers lots of areas and things that would be of great benefit to you as a single person, develop both intimate and friendship relationship, and transferable knowledge and skill to both colleagues and others. Singles coaching is comprehensively focused on the single individual engaged in the singles coaching! The single most important thing that prevents people from having wonderful relationships is their own beliefs. We call the beliefs that get in the way of creating the life and relationship that you desire limiting-beliefs. The belief systems about all sorts of things and those belief systems provide the lens through which you view the world and when this belief is limiting, it limits our achievement and success in whatever these limiting beliefs are channelled towards. Through our work together you will be able to learn to listen with new filters (belief systems) and improve communication with the people you care about and that care about you.

In singles coaching, we will walk through your strengths and how these can improve your love life, how to rely on them and tap into them to grow and thrive as an individual and as a couple. The lack of knowledge of oneself is the essential ingredient that is missing in many relationships and most times, this unbalances the relationship scale that in no time, the couple grow apart, or abuse and neglect become imminent, or the relationship becomes boring. Knowing and establishing a loving relationship with yourself determine the successful outcome of your relationships with others.

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2023 Copyright by Astrid Coaching. All rights reserved. Designed By ChriztavoInc

2023 Copyright by Astrid Coaching. All rights reserved. Designed By ChriztavoInc